The Numbers Don’t Lie – Cybercrime Is On The Rise

A man is sitting in front of a computer screen, vulnerable to cybercrime.

You hear it every day; cyberattacks are on the rise and cybercriminals are getting smarter, but still over 75% of organizations believe they are unprepared for and vulnerable to a cyberattack. The numbers don’t lie – experts are analyzing real-world cyberattacks to showcase the real-world threats that they pose. The Hacker News reported that over a 90-day period, The BlackBerry® Threat Research and Intelligence Team found that on average, there were 720 cyberattacks per hour, with Financial Services and Healthcare Services being the most targeted industries.

SC Media just reported a cyberattack by prolific cybercriminals, Snatch, that targeted Healthcare Services by using tactics that rely on exploiting software and network vulnerabilities. Unpatched vulnerabilities accounted for 60% of all data breached in 2022, according to Automox. Even your favorite social media sites are being exploited by cybercriminals, so how can you protect your organization when the threats feel inevitable?

How Can I Protect My Organization?

Partnering with an MSP/MSSP like Pioneer-360 can make a huge difference in your organization’s risk profile. Our PVR Program focuses on patching, vulnerabilities, and remediation – becoming the cornerstone of your IT department’s Security Stack and allowing our expert team to help identify and remediate any found risk. This program lends a helping hand to your internal IT staff by putting the tedious, everyday tasks in our hands so your staff can keep your organization running at its peak.

Partnering with Pioneer-360 as your MSP/MSSP also allows your organization to take advantage of our entire expert team of highly skilled technicians and engineers. Instead of reactively fixing issues, we proactively monitor and manage your network, keeping eyes on your organization 24/7. With cybercrime on the rise, it’s more important now than ever to have additional hands and eyes on every layer of your IT environment.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Don’t allow your organization to become part of the statistic. Numbers don’t lie – Financial Services and Healthcare Services are being hit harder than ever, and cybercriminals are finding new and innovative ways to exploit your systems and your employees. Our PVR Program can act as the cornerstone of your Security Stack, and allows our expert team to help proactively monitor and manage your patching, vulnerabilities, and remediation needs.


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