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Remote Partner Program

Empower your internal IT Staff with this co-managed program loaded with security tools that reduce your risk profile.

About the Remote Partner Program

Pioneer-360’s Remote Partner Program empowers your existing internal IT staff with a co-managed program loaded with security tools to help reduce your risk profile. Give your IT department a helping hand by allowing Pioneer-360 to take over the tedious and cumbersome tasks your organization is required to perform. Our enterprise-grade tool sets allow you to manage your organization more efficiently, and our flexible co-managed program puts the decisions about our involvement in your hands.

Co-managed Remote IT For Overwhelmed Organizations

Pioneer-360 has been working with security-focused organizations for over 30 years, and a common theme found is an overwhelmed internal IT staff. Let your staff get back to innovation and let Pioneer-360 handle the monotonous security and compliance efforts.

What's Included In the Program

This program was designed with compliance in mind, knowing the hurdles you face in your day-to-day IT infrastructure. You can be assured that while you take care of your business, Pioneer-360 will be taking care of your security and compliance needs.
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The skilled members of our NOC Team with our advanced RMM platform can assist with or be responsible for watching over your patching, AV, and primary network infrastructure for issues before they even become problems. While our talented SOC Team is responsible for daily analysis and remediation of data from SIEM, routing logs, and perimeter fencing to ensure your network’s integrity.

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Security & Compliance

Our routers with full security suites allow IDS/IPS/TDR at all locations, and are fully managed, licensed and patched for optimal performance, security, and compliance. We use award winning SIEM, and comprehensive reporting across all platforms that exceeds your compliance needs.

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Zero Trust

Take your network security to the next level with Zero Trust. A strict identity verification process will take place across your organization and devices protecting you, your organization, and your employees from advanced threats.

Our Process

Assess: Let us locate network weaknesses

Network outages can potentially cost a company thousands and, in some cases, millions of dollars. One way to mitigate your risk profile is by doing a proper network assessment and finding where your network’s vulnerabilities are. Our team of highly qualified IT professionals are ready to assist in finding these weaknesses.

Design: It starts with a proper design

Keeping your business running smoothly requires building and maintaining a robust, highly available network. After assessing your IT environment, our system engineers design a network tailored to your organization’s needs.

Implement: Time to put the design to work

Once a plan is in place, our professional technicians install the technology into each customer’s unique environment. Whether you’re upgrading your existing hardware, adding new technology to new locations, or scaling your business, Pioneer-360 technicians are ready to install your new hardware today.

Manage: It’s time to be proactive

Maximizing your IT infrastructure’s uptime demands is critical for your everyday operation. Let Pioneer-360 detect and remediate issues before they become problems. Partner with Pioneer-360 to optimize your organization’s performance, minimize risk to your IT environment, and stay up to date with the best technology practices and tools.

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