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Pioneer Protect

Complete desktop security for your business – antivirus and patch management.

Total Protection:
Total Peace of Mind

Pioneer Protect is Pioneer-360’s core remote monitoring package that provides your organization with the first lines of defense against viruses and security threats. With a multi-step process of monitoring, protection, and management, this package is designed to deliver anti-virus and tested, curated patching to your network. Pioneer-360’s team of experts utilize Pioneer Protect to gain total visibility of your IT infrastructure to monitor the health and performance of your network.

What's Included with Pioneer Protect

The most common cybersecurity attacks are a direct result of outdated anti-virus software and unpatched systems. Be ready to fight back with the #1 rated antivirus and RMM software on the market today.
Icon with a virus with a circle and a line through it representing anti-virus.


Pioneer Protect provides your organization with top of the line Antivirus, becoming your first line of defense against attacks.

Icon of bandaids representing patching.


Keep your organization safe, up to date, and compliant with patching through Pioneer Protect.

Icon of a magnifying glass with a jagged line inside representing monitoring and management of IT.

Monitoring & Management

Pioneer Protect provides your organization with the #1 rated RMM software on the market that gives Pioneer-360 staff a full comprehensive view of your IT environment.

Icon with a triangle that has an exclamation mark inside with a jagged line next to it representing EDR.


Pioneer-360 uses EDR to defend your organization by automatically responding to cyberattacks to either remove or contain them.

Icon of a stack of three rectangles with a shield on it representing multi-layer ransomware protection.

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection

Pioneer-360 uses a variety of security measures to protect your organization’s IT environment.

Our Two Step Protection Process


Pioneer Protect allows us to continuously monitor your network and your devices. Pioneer-360 has a clear view of your IT environment through Pioneer Protect, allowing us to act immediately in case of issues. Stay ahead of potential issues and keep your organization running at its peak with Pioneer Protect.

Proactive Maintenance

Pioneer-360 believes in proactive approaches to IT to ensure our partners are always up to date and ready to defend against any attack. Well maintained networks encounter fewer issues and using Pioneer Protect takes the burden out of your hands. Let the SOC 2 Type II Certified Security Experts monitor and maintain your network so you don’t have to.

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