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Fully Managed - Compliant

It’s simple. You focus on your business. We focus on your IT and compliance.

Your Fully Managed Cybersecurity Solution

Pioneer-360’s SOC 2 Type II Certified IT staff are ready to completely and proactively manage your IT infrastructure by minimizing your risk profile. The 90˚, 180˚, and 360˚ options allow you to scale your IT cybersecurity services to meet your organization’s needs.

Fully Managed It For Businesses With Compliance Regulation

Pioneer-360’s Fully Managed – Compliant package is perfect for compliance focused industries looking for a comprehensive IT partnership. This package is tailored to protect every layer of your IT environment while mitigating your risk profile through industry leading cybersecurity solutions. With Fully Managed – Compliant IT, Pioneer-360 becomes your fully dedicated external IT department, proactively managing your network and detecting issues before they become business interruptions, and helping you meet your compliance regulations. Simplify your IT budget with this package, which provides you with a flat monthly rate with no surprises.

Fully Managed - Compliant Packages


  • Pioneer Protect
    • Remote Management and Monitoring
    • Managed EDR
    • Managed Patching
  • Office 365 Email and Applications
  • Email Backup
  • Anti-Spam
  • Zix Email Encryption
  • Zix Email Archive
  • Secure File and Folder Sharing
  • Cloud Backup with Local NAS Appliance
    • DR Testing
    • Immutable Cloud Backup
    • Quarterly and Yearly Archive Standard
  • End User Security Training
  • Dark Web Scanning
  • SIEM/Managed SOC
  • Zero Trust Platform
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Monthly Remediation
  • Compliant Reporting
  • NextGen Firewall
  • Level One Helpdesk Support
  • Remote Tech Support


Enjoy all the benefits of our 90˚ package plus:

  • HaaS PCs and Monitors


Enjoy all the benefits of our 90˚ and 180˚ packages plus:

  • HaaS Servers and Network Devices
Two IT professionals in a server room analyzing data on a tablet and laptop.

Our Process

Assess: Let us locate network weaknesses

Network outages can potentially cost a company thousands and, in some cases, millions of dollars. One way to mitigate your risk profile is by doing a proper network assessment and finding where your network’s vulnerabilities are. Our team of highly qualified IT professionals are ready to assist in finding these weaknesses.

Design: It starts with a proper design

Keeping your business running smoothly requires building and maintaining a robust, highly available network. After assessing your IT environment, our system engineers design a network tailored to your organization’s needs.

Implement: Time to put the design to work

Once a plan is in place, our professional technicians install the technology into each customer’s unique environment. Whether you’re upgrading your existing hardware, adding new technology to new locations, or scaling your business, Pioneer-360 technicians are ready to install your new hardware today.

Manage: It’s time to be proactive

Maximizing your IT infrastructure’s uptime demands is critical for your everyday operation. Let Pioneer-360 detect and remediate issues before they become problems. Partner with Pioneer-360 to optimize your organization’s performance, minimize risk to your IT environment, and stay up to date with the best technology practices and tools.

Industries Served

Pioneer-360’s Fully Managed – Compliant package is perfect for compliance-focused and heavily regulated industries.

A credit card displayed on a laptop keyboard, illustrating the synergy between IT services and financial institutions.

Financial Institutions

As a financial institution, we understand that you’re required to meet federal regulations that dictate how you run your organization. Not a week passes without a new discovery of a massive cyber breach somewhere in the world. As cybersecurity threats increase, so do the number and extent of regulations your organization will be required to uphold.

As the SOC 2 Type II Certified Security Experts, Pioneer-360 has the expertise and experience to navigate an increasingly complex system of regulations and demands.

A man is using a tablet in a factory.


The manufacturing sector has a complicated matrix of data protection laws to deal with. This can become a complicated job when mapping security strategies and policies to compliance requirements. In a regulatory landscape that seems to undergo continuous updates, it is especially difficult to keep up with the changing cybersecurity threat-scape. 

The best foot forward strategy is to place cybersecurity and data protection as a cornerstone of your company by partnering with an experienced MSSP like Pioneer-360.

A building with columns supporting its structure representing local government.

Local Government

Local governments are attractive targets for cybercriminals for the valuable data they store, and the fact that many are connected to state systems and big networks where the quantity and quality of data is likely to be greater. For some smaller local governments, the importance of good cybersecurity becomes clear when a breach occurs, systems are impacted, files aren’t available, and the network is shut down. 

Pioneer-360’s Fully Managed – Compliant package offers cybersecurity solutions to help local governments protect important data. 

A doctor is typing on a laptop in a healthcare organization.

Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare compliance issues can affect every type of medical facility, regardless of the size. Large and small healthcare businesses alike are required to follow a certain set of rules to comply with government oversight and regulations. A common misconception about security and compliance is that they are interchangeable. Many organizations deemed “compliant” have still fallen victim to a severe public breach. This results in expensive fines, increased audits and brand damage.

A compliant system will keep data private, and a secure system will keep data secure. Pioneer-360 will ensure that your IT environment is both secure and compliant with our Fully Managed – Compliant package.

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