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Microsoft 365

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Why Choose Microsoft 365 through Pioneer-360?

Microsoft 365 takes the industry’s most recognized set of productivity and collaboration tools and delivers them as a subscription service. With Pioneer-360’s Microsoft 365 cloud technology services, your organization can lower overall costs and deliver the right set of tools to the right users, with additional layers of security and compliance built in. When purchasing Microsoft 365 through Pioneer-360, we take care of the deployment, the administration, and your IT – so that you can take care of your organization.

What's Included with Microsoft 365

When you purchase Microsoft 365 through Pioneer-360, you get so much more than just a license.
A green circle icon with an envelope and a padlock representing email encryption with Microsoft 365.

Email Encryption

Pioneer-360 removes the hassle of email encryption and allows you to protect your emails and sensitive information from anywhere. You may choose to manually encrypt your email; however, automatic encryption requires no action by the sender - simply create a message and hit “send.” Using proven policy filters, your emails and attachments are automatically scanned. Help minimize your organization’s risk profile by blocking, routing, and encrypting emails with ease.

An envelope with a cloud on a green background, representing email back ups with Microsoft 365.

Email Back Ups

Microsoft doesn’t include email backup or archiving, but Pioneer-360 does. These backups will become crucial if your business is under regulatory compliance or has an inside employee incident. Every mailbox license we provide automatically includes complimentary email backup. We want you to feel confident that Pioneer-360 doesn't just provide IT solutions, but that we provide peace of mind.

An email icon in a green circle representing Microsoft 365's email archiving feature.

Email Archiving

Securely preserve and store your emails with email archiving through Pioneer-360. This fast and reliable solution helps reduce the load on email servers by storing old emails you don’t need immediate access to. Keep your organization secure and compliant and reduce your risk profile by archiving documents with sensitive information in a secure environment that helps reduce storage capacity on your email server.

A green circle icon with an envelope and a warning sign representing the anti-spam feature with Microsoft 365.


Detect and block potentially dangerous emails from your employee’s inboxes. Reduce the potential of human error by preventing these emails from even being seen. Improve employee efficiency and peace of mind - eliminating the need to shift through dozens of potentially harmful emails. With Pioneer-360’s anti-spam, you can rest easy knowing your organization is secure.

The Pioneer-360 Difference

Pioneer-360 provides more than just a license. Partner with us for expert deployment and maintenance while only paying for what you need.


Setting up Microsoft 365 requires senior-level technical skills to configure both the Domain Name System (DNS) records and Exchange email configuration. After setup, senior-level technical skills are again required in order to administer the account. Letting Pioneer-360 handle the IT ensures that you don’t have to meddle with configuring an email server in the Cloud. 


After deployment, you will need to make changes to your Microsoft 365 email and applications as your business grows and changes. You’ll need to add and remove users, purchase additional licenses, set up groups/aliases and more. Pioneer-360 services don’t stop after deployment; we take care of these changes at your request. 

Pay for What You Need

The cost associated with Microsoft 365 depends on the licenses you need, the service level commitment, and other confusing variables. Purchasing through Microsoft can add additional charges and force you to pay for licenses you might not need or want. Pioneer-360 ensures that you only pay for what you need to help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

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