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Patching, Vulnerability Scanning, and Remediation – The Cornerstones of Our Security Stack

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Our PVR Program & Your Security Stack

Patching, vulnerability scanning, and remediation – the cornerstones of any IT department’s Security Stack. We’ve designed our remote PVR Program around those concepts. It allows us to fill in the gaps of your network, and it focuses on patching, vulnerabilities, and remediation; allowing our experts to help identify and remediate any found risk. Once a risk is identified, Pioneer-360 experts will work with your internal IT staff to schedule implementation of mitigations.

We say it often, and we’re sure you’ve heard it often – that unresolved patches and vulnerabilities are some of the most common IT audit findings. But what is vulnerability remediation, and why should you care about it? Vulnerability remediation simply refers to the finding, addressing, and neutralizing of security vulnerabilities within an organization’s IT environment, according to UpGuard. Remediation of those found risks and vulnerabilities is crucial. It reduces the risk of data breaches, contains security risks, and enforces business continuity.

Struggling With Remediation

A lot of organizations can struggle with remediation. Prioritizing which vulnerabilities need addressed first can be a challenge and a lesson learned through wasted time, money, and effort. According to UpGuard, Remediation efforts should be a cross-functional collaboration between an organization’s development, operations, compliance, risk management, and security teams, who decide on a cost-effective path to fixing each vulnerability.


However, while remediation efforts should be a cross-functional collaboration, the reality is that most organizations don’t end up focusing on vulnerabilities and risks nearly enough. Complex cloud and hybrid environments can make it harder for organizations to gain visibility into their entire IT ecosystem, and lack of proper tools, infrastructure, and processes can cripple organization’s vulnerability remediation efforts. Looking towards an outside, expert organization to partner with, like an MSP/MSSP, can be the perfect solution when it comes to patching, vulnerabilities, and remediation. Pioneer-360’s PVR Program lends a helping hand to your internal IT staff by putting the tedious, everyday tasks in our hands so your staff can keep your organization running at its peak. In addition to our PVR Program, we give you full access to our RMM software to remotely monitor and manage your entire network. Partnering with a SOC 2 Type II Certified MSSP can take a huge load off your plate; let our experts spend the time and effort it takes to identify, prioritize, remediate, and monitor your IT environment.


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