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PVR Program

Fill in the gaps of your network with our PVR program focused on patching, vulnerabilities, and remediation.

About Our PVR Program

Pioneer-360’s PVR Program is designed to be the cornerstone of any IT department’s Security Stack. Fill in the gaps of your network with this remote program focused on patching, vulnerabilities, and remediation; allowing our experts to help identify and remediate any found risk. Once a risk is identified, Pioneer-360 experts will work with your internal IT staff to schedule implementation of mitigations.

Remote IT For Overwhelmed Organizations

Unresolved patches and vulnerabilities are some of the most common IT audit findings. Pioneer-360’s PVR Program lends a helping hand to your internal IT staff by putting the tedious, everyday tasks in our hands so your staff can keep your organization running at its peak.

What's Included In the Program

Pioneer-360’s PVR Program puts the focus on patching, vulnerabilities, and remediation so you don’t have to.
Icon of bandaids representing patching.


To improve both security and performance, Pioneer-360 technicians complete routine Microsoft and third-party patching so you don’t have to.

Magnifying glass icon with a triangle that has an exclamation point representing IT vulnerabilities.


Pioneer-360’s engineers will perform an advanced credentialed vulnerability scan of your infrastructure that will discover, analyze, and report any found vulnerabilities or flaws.

Icon with a cog that has bandaids in the middle representing remediation.


Once Pioneer-360’s expert team finds vulnerabilities in your IT environment, our technicians will remediate all applicable devices on your infrastructure, reducing your risk profile and preventing potential attack vectors within your organization.

Our Process

Assess: Let us locate network weaknesses

Network outages can potentially cost a company thousands and, in some cases, millions of dollars. One way to mitigate your risk profile is by doing a proper network assessment and finding where your network’s vulnerabilities are. Our team of highly qualified IT professionals are ready to assist in finding these weaknesses.

Design: It starts with a proper design

Keeping your business running smoothly requires building and maintaining a robust, highly available network. After assessing your IT environment, our system engineers design a network tailored to your organization’s needs.

Implement: Time to put the design to work

Once a plan is in place, our professional technicians install the technology into each customer’s unique environment. Whether you’re upgrading your existing hardware, adding new technology to new locations, or scaling your business, Pioneer-360 technicians are ready to install your new hardware today.

Manage: It’s time to be proactive

Maximizing your IT infrastructure’s uptime demands is critical for your everyday operation. Let Pioneer-360 detect and remediate issues before they become problems. Partner with Pioneer-360 to optimize your organization’s performance, minimize risk to your IT environment, and stay up to date with the best technology practices and tools.

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