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About Us

As a SOC 2 Type II Certified MSP/MSSP, Pioneer-360 values our partner’s success and empowers it through cutting edge IT Security Solutions.

Mission Statement

Empowering partners to thrive through cutting-edge IT security solutions and meaningful relationships.

Brand Vision

Our vision is to empower businesses with innovative and reliable technology solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and success. We aim to be the trusted partner of choice for organizations seeking to unlock their full potential through the strategic use of technology.

Brand Promise

At Pioneer-360, we are dedicated to safeguarding our partners’ success by providing cutting-edge security solutions and fostering meaningful relationships that go beyond the traditional client/vendor dynamic.

Brand Values


As technology evolves, we are dedicated to evolving with it.

Client Partnerships

Going above and beyond for our partners, as they are the most important cornerstone of our company.


From hiring to continued education, we strive to offer our partners the highest level of expertise.


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity to ensure the safeguarding of client data.

Where We Started

In 1989, Joe McCartney, Senior Programmer at a local computer company, went on his annual Canada trip but this time with a twist. He got an alert via emergency radio to come home as soon as possible. While Joe was in Canada, the owner of the computer company quietly and abruptly shut down the business and he left behind tens of thousands of dollars of outstanding projects. The other employees of the business left the building and locked up the doors. However, Joe’s wife and his sisters took it upon themselves to unlock the doors and take phone calls, telling clients not to worry – Joe would be back.

Joe saw an opportunity and took it; he started Pioneer Programming Inc. in the basement of his home on 4th Street in New Philadelphia, Ohio to give clients the support they needed. Within the first three years of operation, Joe moved the company to its first official office building; the Groh Building on 3rd Street in Dover, Ohio. After being there for another three years, Joe purchased the 920 Boulevard building in Dover, Ohio in December of 1995. Pioneer Programming expanded rapidly in 920 Boulevard; starting in that building with only six employees and exiting that building 17 years later with 32 employees, the acquisition of Teledata Solutions, and a name change that merged the two companies in a more cohesive manner.

Exterior image of Pioneer-360 office building.

Where We Are Now

In 2017, Pioneer-360 made a big move – right across the street. A new building was needed to keep up with the rapid expansion. Since moving to the new building, Pioneer has continued to grow both in size and in the IT industry.

IT is constantly changing, and with it, so is Pioneer-360. Pioneer has made the difficult journey into the Security and Compliance world by obtaining MSSP status. As a Managed Security Service Provider, new doors were opened, and new opportunities took root. Pioneer-360 obtained their SOC 2 Type II Compliance Certification to solidify their expertise in the field and to prove to our partners that we value and uphold the same security and compliance regulations that they are held to. Pioneer-360 now has 34 employees, over 2,500 clients, and over 34 years of experience in perfecting the way we do IT.

Our Clients Love Us

Customer Reviews

“One of the problems that we faced as an organization was being big enough to require a dedicated network with specific functionality, but not so big that we needed to hire a full-time IT department. Pioneer-360 provided the perfect solution; they have the technical expertise we needed together with flexibility in the level of support. They are really responsive, prioritizing important issues that arise and dealing with them quickly and effectively. Pioneer-360 worked closely with us from the start to finish to ensure that we received exactly what we needed, saving us both time and money. We could not be happier with the service Pioneer-360 has provided to us from day one.” - CO-OWNER OF HOME HEALTH CARE SERVICES
“If there is an IT related problem, we simply call Pioneer-360 and they remote in and take care of the problem. Since taking over the bank’s network, the stress associated with managing the network is gone. Pioneer-360 has become like an in-house IT Department as well as a partner in the management of our network. I would highly recommend Pioneer-360 to any financial institution which needs secure full-service IT support in today’s fast-changing, computer driven, high-tech banking environment.” - LOCAL BANK PRESIDENT
“They were completely supportive of the practice and teaching me things I needed to know if they weren’t here. I was still able to help around the office and I could call in and they would guide me, so it’s been a partnership. We’re extending our services to include a facial plastics practice, therefore we need more computers, we need to add on to our network, and I know Pioneer will be able to help me with that and that’s one area of this expansion project that I’m actually not really worried about, because they have the knowledge, they have the ability and they’ll be pleasant about it, and that matters.” - PRACTICE ADMINISTRATOR FOR LOCAL MEDICAL FACILITY
“We feel very comfortable with them knowing our business, demonstrating to us the level of trust we need. Their knowledge at times has proven to us to be above and beyond what other supposedly well renowned service providers advice has been. Pioneer’s been ahead of the curve and we felt very fortunate and blessed to have them as part of this community. We’re a highly regulated industry, and when it comes to our information technology, Pioneer has assisted us with that compliance. We’re examined every 18 months. We recently just went through an exam and passed that test as it relates specifically to the information technology.” - LOCAL BANK PRESIDENT / CEO
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