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Patching, Vulnerabilities, and Remediation

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Patching, vulnerabilities, remediation; the cornerstones of Pioneer-360’s newest PVR Program. Finding the vulnerabilities within your network is of the upmost importance, but it’s such a time-consuming process that most organizations end up letting things slip through the cracks and end up missing vital weak spots. Once the vulnerabilities are found, the tedious, extensive, and difficult process of fixing them starts. Pioneer-360’s PVR Program will find unresolved vulnerabilities and remediate them, allowing your current IT Staff to get back to innovation and keeping your organization performing at its peak.

About the Program

The most common IT audit findings are unresolved patches and vulnerabilities. Our PVR Program will give your IT team an extensive RMM platform tool with one of the most dependable, trusted, and compliant patch management systems on the market. Pioneer-360 will monitor and manage your patch management and perform monthly credentialed scans and remediate the issues. From Remote Monitoring and Advanced Secure Take Control to Microsoft Patching, Third-Party Patching, and optional AV Defender, our PVR Program will fill in the gaps and take your network security to the next level, without placing the burden on your IT Staff’s shoulders.

Finding Vulnerabilities

The burden of finding vulnerabilities is a large one and remediating them even more so. Do you know how IT Vulnerabilities are even found, and why is it such a time-consuming process? To find your organization’s vulnerabilities, first we must lay some groundwork. The first step is to create an exhaustive list of all assets your organization possesses. Both hardware and software assets must be included (pen drives, servers, network hubs, cloud space, etc.). Once the asset list is created, the first step to find cybersecurity vulnerabilities is to periodically conduct an extensive audit of the condition of each asset.

Once you’ve completed your audit, the next step is to find the strengths and weaknesses by basically posing as cyber attackers with the sole goal of breaking down the infrastructure. During this process, Pioneer-360 will test absolutely everything, ensuring that each device and vulnerability is tested and exploited. We leave no stone unturned in our extensive search. Now that we know exactly where each vulnerability is, it’s then time to remediate them.


Most MSPs stop there – finding the vulnerabilities and guidance to remediate them on your own terms. However, Pioneer-360 knows that remediation can be the most difficult and time-consuming part of this process. As the experts in the Security and Compliance field, we understand that vulnerability remediation has never been more important. With an increate in data volume and your organization’s infrastructure becoming more and more complex, the number of vulnerabilities is increasing tenfold. Hackers are exploiting your weak spots and targeting your organization’s vulnerabilities. Instead of handing you a report, Pioneer-360 likes to take care of the remediation for you, ensuring that your organization’s infrastructure meets our SOC2 Type II standards.

Pioneer-360’s PVR Program is the perfect program to take your network security to the next level. Let the SOC2 Type II Certified Security Experts take over the tedious, everyday tasks, and let your current team get back to innovation and keeping your organization performing at its peak.


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