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Cybersecurity Threats Don’t End in October but Our PVR Program Can Help Protect You All Year

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Did you think that Cybersecurity education was over because Cybersecurity Awareness month ended? Think again. Cybersecurity has an entire month dedicated to it but really, it needs to be on the forefront of your organization’s mind every single day of the year. However, the burden of cybersecurity, patching vulnerabilities, remediating the issues, researching compliance regulations… it can become dauting and extremely time consuming. Pioneer-360’s PVR Program allows your internal IT Staff to do their daily jobs and keep your organization running smoothly. The program puts the burden of patching, vulnerabilities, and remediation onto us; the SOC2 Type II Certified Security Experts.

How We Can Help

The process of simply finding vulnerabilities is a huge, time consuming, and burdensome process not to mention the remediation of the vulnerabilities and unresolved patching found. Our PVR Program will give your IT team an extensive RMM platform tool with one of the most dependable, trusted, and compliant patch management systems on the market. Pioneer-360 will monitor and manage your patch management and perform monthly credentialed scans and remediate the issues. Our PVR Program will fill in the gaps and take your network security to the next level, without placing that additional burden on your internal IT Staff’s shoulders.

You might think that once the vulnerability is found and the issue is remediated the job is done, right? Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. There are four major steps to the remediation process, according to Snyk; find, prioritize, fix, and monitor. We’ve already discussed steps one through three being a burdensome process of the upmost importance, however monitoring is the step that needs the most time dedicated to it. According to Snyk, while monitoring is step four in their list, in a high-functioning security program it would be considered step one. Pioneer-360’s PVR Program constantly monitors and manages your organization’s vulnerabilities.

Keeping Up With the Changes

Brendan Dibble, Application Security Engineering Team Lead at Toast told Snyk “I see this problem at almost every organization: you have a few security engineers up against a whole huge bucket of developers and there’s no possible way for you to keep up with all the changes.” Have you checked on your internal IT Staff recently? Are they feeling overwhelmed? Patching, Vulnerabilities, Remediation, and Managing takes so much time, dedication, and expertise. Our PVR Program helps your organization while easing your interna; IT Staff’s duties. Cybersecurity never rests, and neither can you. Call Pioneer-360 today to learn more about what a SOC2 Type II Certified MSSP/MSP can do for your IT.


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