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As we come to the end of September, it’s time to think about cybersecurity. October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and our favorite time of the year to educate people about cybersecurity and how Pioneer-360, the SOC2 Type II Certified Security Experts, can help. Our SOC2 Type II Certification is a great way to showcase that we uphold ourselves to the highest compliance standards. According to The Hacker News, SOC2 should no longer be just a voluntary standard, but a minimal requirement when considering an MSP/MSSP.  

What is SOC2? 

SOC audits encompass every aspect of business – technical, personnel, and everything in between. A positive report is difficult to achieve, as this audit covers a continuous period of time, but it ensures that our clients can expect high standards across Pioneer-360’s data security and privacy practices, as well as our quality control and reporting. This certification proves that Pioneer-360 holds itself to the same standards that many of our financial/manufacturing clients are forced to uphold. With a full understanding of your compliancy standards, Pioneer-360 can be an even bigger asset to your organization. 

Why Does It Matter? 

Our SOC2 Controls are then extended to you and your organization, allowing you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is being handled responsibility, professionally, and to the best of our ability. The Hacker News states that “Any organization that implements the necessary controls are therefore less likely to suffer data breaches or violate users’ privacy. This protects them from the negative effects of data losses, such as regulatory action and reputational damage.”

Proactive IT 

We’re experts in the field of security and compliance, and our SOC2 certification backs up our claim, but our practices are what put us ahead of the curve. Implementing the mindset and best practices of “Proactive IT” allow us to stay a few steps ahead of the threats, mitigating your organization’s risk of a cyberattack. Combining things like prevention, detection, and risk management takes your network’s security to the next level. 

Throughout the month of October, Pioneer-360 will be sharing cybersecurity best practices, tips and tricks to combat vulnerabilities, and more! We also know that cybersecurity can be a huge burden to already-busy internal IT teams. Let the SOC2 Type II Certified Security Experts assist or handle the IT so that you can focus on your business. 


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