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Warning: Cybercrime Is Scary

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October usually brings with it howling winds and spooky chills but since 2004, October has also been nationally declared as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. There is no better time of the year to learn the best security practices and how to protect yourself against those looming online threats. The bad guys aren’t just on the big screens this year – cybercrime is on the rise and criminals are behind every corner waiting to strike. 

In the past, IT organizations have taken a more laid-back approach to educating people about cybercrime – we didn’t want to terrify people. However, now in 2022? It’s time to get scared by the online threats knocking at your door. Cybercriminals improve their methods every single day, and it’s time to strengthen your defenses and educate your organization so that you can avoid the online threats.

Best Cybersecurity Practices

There are a few basic things you can do across all your devices and accounts, both professional and personal, to follow best cybersecurity practices.  

  • Use Two-Factor Authentication 
  • Use Strong and Long Passwords 
  • Keep all operating systems and applications updated on all your devices 
  • Be cautious with sharing personal or business information over the internet 
  • Delete any suspicious emails 
  • Don’t click on links sent to you by unknown sources 

While those simple steps cover the very basics, those things alone just aren’t enough anymore. What does your cyber risk profile truly look like? Does your organization have a solid security stack? If you have the right tools in place, do you have someone that manages and monitors your patching? What about your vulnerabilities? Who remediates the issues found? Your internal IT staff are already tasked with so much to keep your organization running smoothly day-to-day, piling security, patching, and remediation on top of their heavy workload could cause oversights and missteps.

Knowing Your Cyber Risk Profile

Knowing your cyber risk profile, and knowing where you stand against cybercrime, helps you make proactive, executive decisions for your organization about everything from investments in your tools to the management and monitoring of your IT security protocols. Pioneer-360 can help your organization understand the risks and vulnerabilities you have while meeting your security and compliance requirements. Partnering with Pioneer-360 allows your internal IT Staff to do their jobs, and to do them without the burden of constantly looking over their shoulders for the next online threat. 

Let Pioneer-360 help your organization reduce your risk. Don’t let these cyber criminals win – batten down the hatches and call us today at 330-364-1137 to find out more about cybersecurity and how we can help.


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