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Ransomware Going Up, Trying to Take Your Business Down

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Ransomware attacks are on the rise – by more than 90% within the last month. NCC Group recorded a record number of cyberattacks in the month of March 2023, with the ransomware group “Cl0p” being named for about 28% of them. In the past, Cl0p’s victims have been broken down by industries, showing that they specifically target Healthcare and Financial Industries the heaviest. According to TechRepublic, March’s attacks seemed to ramp up due to a vulnerability found in January within GoAnywhere’s managed file transfer software that wasn’t remediated until February.

Patching, Vulnerability, Remediation

Patching, vulnerability management and remediation are some of the most important, and yet overlooked steps that you can take to help protect your network. Pioneer-360 designed our PVR Program with this in mind. This program is meant to be the steppingstone of any IT Department’s Security Stack. It fills in the gaps of your network while focusing on patching, vulnerabilities, and remediation; allowing our internal experts to help identify and remediate any found risk.

Pioneer-360’s engineers will perform an advanced credentialed vulnerability scan of your infrastructure that will discover, analyze, and report any found vulnerabilities or flaws. Identifying security weaknesses and system flaws so that with changes to your processes and remediation, you can minimize risk to your organization. We understand that vulnerability scanning includes continuous and time-consuming processes that prevent your internal IT Staff from doing their day-to-day functions. Offload those responsibilities to a SOC2 Type II Certified MSSP so you can rest easy knowing that these vital steps will no longer be overlooked.

Minimize Your Risk

Cybercriminals will take advantage of any weakness they can find. Prioritizing your IT environment to minimize your risk is Pioneer-360’s goal. While we have built our business around dedicating ourselves to safeguarding our partners’ success by providing cutting-edge security solutions, other organizations have built their business around trying to destroy yours. With ransomware attacks increasing by 91% in just the last month, now is the time to focus on minimizing your IT risk and partnering with an MSSP. Let the IT Security and Compliance experts assess your vulnerabilities. Contact us today to learn more about our PVR Program and what it can do for your organization.


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