Looking Ahead: In 2022, Will Your Organization Be At Risk of Ransomware?

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Is Ransomware Near You?

You hear about large-scale organizations across the globe dealing with ransomware attacks more and more, but it can still feel like that kind of threat is oceans away from your back door. Unfortunately, cybercrime threats are everywhere and no organization is exempt from becoming a potential target. Ransomware is now the primary cybercrime threat for businesses, and the trends only predict that cybercrime will reach new heights in the coming year.

According to ZDNet, we have seen ransomware operators evolve from disorganized groups and random individuals to highly sophisticated operations with separate teams collaborating to target different organizations. The goal of these attacks aren’t necessarily infection like in the past, but instead the goal has become a blackmail payment from their victims.

According to predictions and trends, the COVID pandemic will have a huge impact on cybercrime moving forward. With new hybrid work situations, so many people working from home, and the high turnover rate so many organizations are currently facing, bigger cracks are forming in your organization’s security. These situations allow for people to gloss over security protocol and become lax with their best practices. Your current IT Staff already have so much on their plate with managing these new work situations and their day-to-day duties that Vulnerability Management can easily slip through the cracks.

Eliminating and Remediating Risks

Does this mean that you just have to accept these risks and hope that you don’t become a target? Absolutely not. Working with a third-party MSP/MSSP like Pioneer-360 allows us fill in the cracks in your security and monitor your network for malicious activity before an issue ever arises. We have even developed the perfect program for organizations that need that extra layer of security. Our Remote Partner Program fills in the holes in your Security and Compliance defenses by continuously managing your network’s vulnerabilities through various processes.

So, the answer is yes, your organization will be at risk of a ransomware attack in 2022; all businesses will be. The main goal should be remediating any risks your organization has. Remediation is an ongoing process and for maximum efficiency, each step of the Vulnerability Management process must be done consistently and within a timely manner. Our Remote Partner Program eases the burden your current IT Staff face, it adds an additional layer of security and compliance measures, and it allows you to rest easy knowing your network and your data are safe in Pioneer-360’s hands.


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