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Let’s Get Personal with Pioneer-360’s Dark Web Monitoring and Employee Security Training

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Let’s get personal. Did you know that your personal data could be fore sale on the dark web right now? And the worst part? You would never know if it was. Pioneer-360 offers Dark Web Monitoring so you never have to worry about your data being sold out from under your nose. However, there is usually a deeper concern when it comes to information floating around on the internet that shouldn’t be there. Most people are not educated on security and compliance best practices, and this can cause a multitude of problems.

Your information might be on the dark web because you don’t know how to properly protect it. Pioneer-360 offers Employee Security Training so that we can help you protect your business from the inside out. About 92% of data breaches are due to human error, and over 66% of cyber criminals use email phishing as their attack vector of choice. Every single piece of information you put out on the internet is valuable to a cybercriminal, so knowing the ins and outs of what to do and what not to do can be the difference between your company getting hacked or staying safe and protected.

Pioneer-360 will perform an Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) to determine the risk your employees presents, and will award them with an ESS, or an Employee Secure Score. Pioneer-360 will then train your employees via videos, short quizzes, and phishing attacks in an attempt to raise their ESS in a fun and interactive way.

With our Dark Web Monitoring and our Employee Security Training, we know that your company will have an extra layer of protection, ensuring your data stays safe. Keeping your employees educated, engaged, and excited about IT helps keep your data safe. Call Pioneer-360 today so we can get personal and get to training your personal.


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