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January; New Year, New Network

New year, new you. January always brings with it new years resolutions, and a time to stop and plan ahead for the year. Are you in the 50% of adults in the United States that did make a New Years resolution? If not, don’t feel too bad because according to studies, only 10% of people keep those resolutions. So, this year, don’t make a resolution that you’re 90% likely to give up on in just a few weeks, instead make a revolutionary change for your company. In 2021, our philosophy is “new year, new network,” because we believe that you’re already pretty great just the way you are. However, your network… might need a little help. 

A network security vulnerability is defined as a weakness or flaw that can be exploited by a malicious person to perform unauthorized actions within a computer system. According to recent studies, only 14% of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber attacks as “highly effective,” and understandably so, because network security vulnerabilities are always evolving as threat actors find new ways to gain access to a business’s network. 

There are already so many different ways of accessing a business’ network; malware, ransomeware, phishing, and cryptojacking are just a few. Maintaining and updating your network is crucial in preventing these kinds of cyberattacks. Hackers use malware, or any piece of software that was written with the intent to harm data, devices, or people, to target your crucial data. Recent malware attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, so your old ways of securing your network might not cut it.  

Hackers are getting smarter every day, but fortunately, so are we. With Pioneer-360 as your valued partner, we keep a watchful eye on your network 24/7. Our internal NOC, network operation center, and our internal SOC, security operation center, allows us to mitigate the risk and these evolving threats. Don’t make a new year’s resolution, make a revolutionary change that will help improve the way you do business for years to come. Happy 2021 – “New Year, New Network.”


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