April Shows May Lead to More Sinister Storms

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April showers may lead to May flowers, but what if the storm is a little more sinister this month? Cybercrime is the ultimate storm, causing destruction in its path at every turn. Currently, cybercrime is happening every 30 seconds. You don’t have to worry about getting caught up in that sinister storm though; Pioneer-360’s Security Suite helps us detect security events as they are happening and allows us to take immediate action. 

Most of the time, both you and your IT company are oblivious to the cybercrime that penetrated your firewalls until after the event has occurred, and the storm has caused its destruction. However, with Pioneer-360’s Security Suite, we’ll know about any cybercrime as it’s happening. Our advanced Firewalls with IDS/IPS/TDR, in combination with our AV solution with Behavioral Analysis, and Patching & SIEM, our Suite protects against known and unknown threats. Knowing about the event as it’s happening gives us a huge advantage; we can take immediate action to stop it, while your other IT Firms just have to wait and clean up the mess. 

Timing can make all the difference in situations like this. It is the difference between proactively weather-proofing your home, or allowing the damage to fully occur, and picking up the pieces later. Weather-proofing your home will not prevent all damage, but it will allow the structure to maintain it’s integrity. Similarly, weather-proofing your network, or using Pioneer-360’s Security Suite, prevents catastrophic damage from occurring. 

Don’t stress about upcoming storm damage, just call Pioneer-360 today to become proactive in how you protect your network from cybercrime. Cybercriminals are getting smarter and more complex every day, and your protection against them has to grow as well. Nowadays, you need more than just a firewall to protect your network and your data. Pioneer-360’s Security Suite allows you to sit back, and enjoy the weather, instead of worrying about the rain. 


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